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Go Set a Watchman mini-review

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My recommendation is to read "To Kill a Mockingbird" before reading Go Set A Watchman. Mockingbird is still the superior, more mature novel, but Watchman gives the reader a lot of insight into the characters that Harper Lee created. Watchman was written first and you can see where she lifted whole paragraphs to use in Mockingbird, mainly background information about the town of Maycomb.

The time period is set in the mid-50's. Scout is 26 years old and returns home to Maycomb from New York City to visit family and friends she thought she knew. Scout has become the fierce, independent young woman promised in the original book. This is the woman who is speaking through memory in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Harper Lee made some major story changes between the two books that affect many story elements and in particular shows her growth as a writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. Her sly humor is there along with the hard punches against hypocrisy.

As far as the click-bait articles go, all I can say is, "Read To Kill a Mockingbird first and then read it for yourself, it's worth it!"

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