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Customer Review: The Last Policeman by Ben Winters

Posted by Patrick M. on Nov 02, 2013

What would you do if there was an unstoppable meteor that will strike the earth in 7 months? Go Bucket list? Find a beach and just sit there until the world ends? Party on in New Orleans? Would you kill yourself? Or would you keep doing your job, even as everyone around you walks off theirs?

For detective Henry Palace, of the Concord Police, it's an easy decision. Doing the Job. He works homicides, and in this pre-apocalypse world for the most part that means dealing with suicides. Suicide by hanging is the preferred method in the New England states, and while investigating what was just another suicide, he notices some things that are . . . odd. So he investigates further.

The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters is a phenomenal book that I could not put down. It is a detective novel that keeps you guessing and second guessing. Our main character, Henry Palace, is likable and passionate. The fatalistic world in which he lives is a living breathing place that is relateable and realistic. 

The writing style is similar to Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, but distinctively without any magical aid. If you enjoyed the Dresden stories, or are a fan of crime drama or detective stories, you won't be disappointed by The Last Policeman.

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