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Summer Reading Challenge


Welcome to the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge!

Open to all kids ages 8-17

Read 10 different books, one from each of the following challenges listed below. You need to list the titles for each challenge!


Then, complete ONE (at least) of the Tasks. Books do not have to be purchased from Firefly Bookstore and can also be books read for school Summer Reading.

Each student who completes the challenge will receive a $5.00 Gift Card for Firefly Bookstore and be entered for the random drawing for a $50.00 Firefly Gift Card.

Prizes, Deadlines and Other Details:

  • A separate Favorite Essay Winner will be chosen by Matt and Rebecca and receive a $50.00 Gift Card.
  • The Challenge is open to all Children Ages 8 to 17. One entry per child.
  • Contest ends September 30, 2022.
  • Winners will be chosen and contacted in October 2022.
  • Form can be emailed to: [email protected] or physically mailed to Firefly Bookstore 271 W. Main St., Kutztown, PA 19530





Research what other events were happening or people who were alive during the same time period as your story. Give some examples. What surprised you?


Read a book that has been TURNED INTO A MOVIE you have seen before or after you read the book.

Answer: what changes did they make, why do you think they made them, and did you like the change?
3  Read a SCIENCE-FICTION book. Imagine the inventions and events in the book, could they really happen and why?
4 Read a (fiction or non-fiction) book about SOMEONE WITH A VERY DIFFERENT LIFE FROM YOURS. Compare: what things about their life are different and what are the same? What surprised you the most?
5 Read a book that has NOT BECOME A GRAPHIC NOVEL OR COMIC. Create at least one page of the book as a comic OR draw three of the characters.
6 Read a book TOLD FROM AN ANIMAL'S POINT OF VIEW. Research: what kind of animal is it and how does the real life animal compare to the book? Did the animal characters act more like real animals or humans? Give examples.
7 Read a book that has WON AN AWARD. Answer: what was the award and why do you think it won?
8 Read or reread a book YOU REALLY LOVE. Imagine if you lived in the world of the book, what would it be like? OR write a letter to your teachers explaining why it should be read by the whole class.
9 Read a “CLASSIC” BOOK THAT IS MORE THAN 50 YEARS OLD OR ASK A PARENT FOR THEIR FAVORITE BOOK FROM WHEN THEY WERE YOUR AGE and read it. Compare: why do you think the book is considered a classic or is your parent's favorite? What is the same or different from your favorite new books?
10  Read a BOOK OF POETRY OR A BOOK TOLD ENTIRELY IN POETRY. Create: write a poem inspired by what you read.